Airfix 1:350 Type 45 Destroyer Model Kit

Airfix 1:350 Type 45 Destroyer Model Kit


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  • Skill: 3
  • Flying Hours: 5
  • Number of Parts: 203
  • Dimensions (mm): L436 x W60

Built to replace the Royal Navy's Type 42 Destroyers, the Type 45 or Daring Class consists of six highly capable air defence destroyers. Designed to be able to defend itself against multiple aerial targets, the Type 45 can simultaneously track, and engage more targets at once than five Type 42s operating together.

With its emphasis on the anti-air role, it's no surprise that the Type 45 is very well equipped in this area, with a wide of weapons able to combat enemy aircraft, such as Aster 15 and Aster 30 ship to air missiles, as well as the Phalanx 20mm close-in weapons system.

For defense or attack against other ships, the Type 45 is fitted with a 4.5inch Mark 8 Naval Gun and can also be fitted with Tomahawk cruise missile launchers, should the need arise. The Type 45 will be a flagship of the Royal Navy for years to come and with its stealthy attributes, it is one of the most powerful destroyers currently afloat.


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