Avid Machined Piston 12mm (4x1.3mm) AE, Losi, Kyosho

Avid Machined Piston 12mm (4x1.3mm) AE, Losi, Kyosho


Product Number: AV1030-4X1.3-F

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Product Overview

The AV1030 machined 12mm piston with 4 x 1.3mm (#55) holes offers a conventional setup but with a tight-fitting piston that has little blow-by.

Piston Tips

  • Use 1.5+1.1 piston in replacement of the 2 x 1.6. In buggy, typically start with 30 wt oil front and 27.5 or 30wt rear.
  • Use 1.6+1.1 piston in replacement of the 2 x 1.7. In buggy or truck, typically start with 30 or 32.5 wt oil in rear shocks.
  • For a 4wd buggy, we recommend 1.5+1.1 front with 35 wt and 1.6+1.1 rear with 30 wt.

Piston Features

  • Fits 12mm shocks for Team Associated, TLR 22, and Kyosho (12mm bore, 3mm hole, 2.5mm thick).
  • Machined round with a tighter fit to bore of the shock body for less blow-by.
  • AV1031 pistons with 2+2 valving offer increased traction without sacrificing jump handling or driveability.
  • Each package includes 4 pistons inside of a Doodad container printed with AVID logo.


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