Avid Black alloy wheel hex set  front and rear (HB D413)

Avid Black alloy wheel hex set front and rear (HB D413)

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Product Overview

Racers can outfit their Hot Bodies D413 in style and innovation with these AVID black anodized 12mm hex adapters. The annoying "pin dropping out to never be found again" design used on the front of several 4wd front hexes has been given the universe renowned AVID innovation treatment. No more grease, superglue, or those horrid rolled pins, let us introduce to you the AVID Pressure Hold System * which utilizes an internal oring to provide pressure for holding the pin in place. AVID clamping hexes are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and then machined with a chamfer for easy wheel installation along with the signature machined highlight.

*None of these symbols are true, it's RC, the innovation is free to copy. We have more... Enjoy :)


Front hex pin is held in place by AVID's innovative Pressure Hold System (utilizes an internal oring** to provide pressure for holding the pin in place)
Rear clamping design with 2-56 Stainless Steel Clamp Screw. Uses 5/64" or 2mm hex driver
Chamfered edge for easy wheel installation
Direct fit for Hot Bodies D413
CNC machined from 6061-T6 because it took us several hours to manually machine a set and realized it wasn't 1982, plus they wobbled, go technology!
Each package includes 1 pair of 12mm hex adapters front, 1 pair of 12mm hex adapters rear, 3 x front orings, 2 x 2-56 clamping screws, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet
** Customer must install oring into hex, an extra is provided if you lose one.


Front hexes use the long solid pins that came with your D413. Much easier to maneuver than Avids shorter solid 1/16th pins.


can you beleive that no-one has reviewed the Avid Black alloy wheel hex set front and rear (HB D413)? No, neither can we...

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