Avid Satellite rear wheels  B4/B5/RB6 (black)

Avid Satellite rear wheels B4/B5/RB6 (black)

Product Number: AV1102-B

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Product Overview

Limited Satellite Rear Buggy Wheel fits the TLR 22, Kyosho RB5*, and AE B5 (Hex updated to fit stock axles). Buggy racers around the world will appreciate the engineering, looks, and performance of the new Satellite buggy wheel lineup from AVID. (* requires knurled low-profile nut)


Durable and light-weight: The Satellite wheel has a stiff wheel face for maximum performance in cornering, and because of the deep dish and spoke design, the rear wheels are the lightest we've measured at 16.8 g each. Stock racers will appreciate over 8 grams less rotating weight per pair when running AVID rear wheels compared to other manufacturers wheels*. (*results differ by brand)
Contoured wheel spokes: AVID wheels shave extra weight with contoured spokes that remove low-stress material and add material to keep the wheel rigid and true
Angled glue catch bead: Satellite wheels have an angled glue catch to keep the glue where you want it and not on your wheel face! Plus, we like the edgy look.
AVID wheels are center-point injected to ensure that they spin true and are well balanced.
AVID signature swirl pattern: This innovative swirl pattern is designed to mate with serrated locking nuts to keep your wheels secure.
Pre-molded with vent hole.
AVID logo on the wheel face.
Each package includes 1 pair of wheels and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.


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