Associated Factory Team V2 1.39 Threaded Shock Set

Associated Factory Team V2 1.39 Threaded Shock Set

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1.39 sized shocks to fit T4, T4.1 Rear, SC10 Rear.

V2 shocks are compatible with all current RTR and Factory Team shocks on B4, B4.1 , T4, T4.1, B44, and SC10.
Bleed screw shock caps for quick and easy shock bleeding.
Easy-to-build seal package. Simplified build uses two O-rings and one spacer.
Threaded lower seal cap made of low-friction material and acts as a guide bushing.
Designed to last longer between rebuilds.
Threaded shock collars with O-rings to keep the settings secure.
Titanium Nitride "Gold" coated shock shafts for smooth action.
Blue aluminum shock pivot balls.
Works with existing shock shafts, pistons, O-rings, shock ends, spring cups,
and shock caps.
Uses the 7484 V2 1:10 Shock Rebuild (enough for 4 shocks) set.


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