Tamco Digital 60V/100A Watt Meter

Tamco Digital 60V/100A Watt Meter

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The watt meter by Tamco allows you to measure the energy (Wh), charge (Ah), power (W), current (A) & voltage (V) of a battery.

The device is designed to be connected inbetween a battery and device to measure the ratings and provide you with information. Simply solder on the required connectors to the device and you are ready to go.


Measures energy (Wh), charge (Ah), power (W), current (A) & voltage (V) of a battery.
Accurate & precise 0.01A current and 0.01V voltage resolutions.
Measures peak amps, peak watts and voltage minimum.
14Ga super fine stranded, high temperature, silicone rubber insulated wire.
Small & light with a tough aluminium case.
Acts like a wire so won't effect a models performance when installed.


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