HPI Racing Nitro Powerfuel 16% 5 Litre

HPI Racing Nitro Powerfuel 16% 5 Litre

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HPI Power Fuel was developed especially for today's RTR nitro engines. HPI Europe chose to work with the manufacturers of the hugely popular OptiFuel line of fuels, the most popular brand of helicopter fuel used by serious competitors in Europe.

Each HPI Power Fuel blend uses the same high quality Klotz synthetic oils as OptiFuel Optimix-Race blends.

HPI Power Fuel makes starting and tuning nitros engines easy because its specific blend is more tolerant of incorrect settings and of temperature and humidity changes. The consistent burning provides a steady smoke trail allowing car and buggy owners to easily see the effects of engine tuning.


Optimised oil content for RTR running
Wider tuning band more tolerant to needle mixture
Optimum performance
Smoother transition low to high power
Easy starting
Superior Fuel Economy
1L bottle contains 5% more than quart bottle
5L bottle contains 32% more than gallon bottle
Top-quality synthetic Klotz oils giving improved lubrication, lower friction, anti scuff protection, rust inhibitor, more efficient burning and reduced running temperature
Developed by HPI R&D Engineers and based upon Optifuel Race Fuels developed by Graham Alsop, Hot Bodies team driver.


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