Avid Slide Bearing Grease

Avid Slide Bearing Grease

Product Number: AV-LUBE-SLIDE

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Avid Slide Bearing Grease provides great protection to your bearing by maintaining lubrication and adding an extra barrier that helps block dust/dirt to reach the deep groove where the ball spins against the rings. This grease is a light white and capable of performing at temps between -58f (-50c) to 300f (150c). And guess what, this is the grease that Avid uses in 90% of it's bearings so you are already getting the best grease in your stock bearings and now you can replenish them to make your bearings last longer.

The best thing that separates this grease other then the performance is the syringe that it comes with that makes it so easy to apply. The syringe holds 1/2 oz (6 cc) of grease and ships as pictured minus the ziplock bag which includes a rubber sealing tip.


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