RB Automatic Damping System Set for JQ The CAR (YE)

RB Automatic Damping System Set for JQ The CAR (YE)

Product Number: RB-02013-016

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Developed in close collaboration with Italian company Fioroni for 2 years, RB have released a new innovative shock system which makes your shock absorber ultra progressive and with an automatic harder damping which has been the goal of racers for decades. Racers have tried pistons with balls, valves, conical holes, conical pistons, etc. but none ever seemed to work perfectly and also the construction into the small dimensions of an oil shock was also hard to make. So now there is the RB patented ADS (Automatic Damping System).

The special V design sleeve combined with a CNC piston without holes, allows the oil to go up and down with an ultra progressive oil flow. When the piston is at the bottom position the V shape is big and the damping is soft, when the piston goes up into the shock body, the V shape becomes smaller and the damping becomes harder. When the piston is at the upper position (small V size area) the damping is hard and when the piston goes down, the V shape becomes larger and the oil flow is increased which lets the piston return quicker to its bottom position which lets the wheels come in contact with the ground quicker.

Last, the actual big bore shock absorbers are better for damping but become less “reactive” because of the big diameter/big pistons with big oil flow. With ADS, the sleeve reduces the inside diameter and it makes the piston travel become more reactive too.

The Delrin piston is adjusted by hand with the hard coated 7075 T6 sleeve for a low friction to ensure a free movement. The 6 lower escape channels let the oil move when the piston is at the bottom position.


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