Avid Doodad Small Hinged Plastic Containers (5pcs)

Avid Doodad Small Hinged Plastic Containers (5pcs)

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This pack of 5 small hinged branded plastic doodad containers are great for those small items in your tool box that just need a tad bit more of that OCD attention to detail. We have been using this container for years now for our engine bearing line and just recently the RC8 delrin inserts. They come in so handy when you just need a small container for that slipper rebuild, piston change, or engine bearing swap yet you don't want the part to mingle with the other parts in your screw container.


Outside: 1.18"Dia. (30.0mm) X 0.44"Ht. (11.2mm)
Inside: 1.06" Dia. (26.9mm) X 0.37" Ht. (9.4mm)


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