Pro-Line 40 Series Spinner Kit (For Mambo 40 Series/Pair)

Pro-Line 40 Series Spinner Kit (For Mambo 40 Series/Pair)


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This is the spinner kit only. Wheels and tyres are NOT included.

Spinning¦to rotate or to cause to rotate swiftly. And that™s exactly what Pro-Line™s new 40 Series Spinner will do when you install it with your 40 Series Pro-Line wheels.

The 40 Series Spinners represent the latest craze in wheel add-on styling. While on the move, the spinners rotate slowly making it seem like your monster truck is at a stand still as it screams by you. On the other hand, while you™re screaming down the road and you come to a stop, the spinners spin at a super high rate making it seem as though you™re moving at high speed.

The 40 Series Spinners adapt to Pro-Line 40 Series Velocity 6 and Mambo wheels with ease. Two ball bearings allow the spinners to rotate separately from the wheel. 6061 aluminum is used to enhance the performance of the spinner. Each spinner is hand polished and machined by the latest tooling technology.

When you™re looking to spin your way down the street or at a stop, check out the latest wheel accessory technology”the 40 Series Spinners from Pro-Line.


Stopped on the move, spinning while stopped
Made from 6061 aluminum
A gleaming polished finish
Full ball bearing equipped for unmatched smoothness
Kit includes 2 faces, 3 adapters (2 right-hand-thread, 1 left-hand-thread), 4 ball bearings, and 2 screws


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